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JMC is one of the UK’s top recruitment brands and is leading the way in changing the recruitment industry for the better. We are pioneers,  rewriting how recruitment should be done. 

JMC Partners is a global network of elite, heavyweight recruiters working under the JMC brand, but running their own companies. We are freeing talented recruiters to take control of their careers, earnings and destinies; allowing them to thrive. Partners run their own businesses, their way.

Reputation is everything in the world of business and our Partners deliver the highest quality service. 

We have a network of Recruitment Partners spanning the UK, as well as in a growing number of countries, with access to an ever-expanding, exclusive network of support and expertise. In addition to our elite recruiters, this network includes entrepreneurs, self-made millionaires and well-known figures in the world of business. This network spans a wide range of industry sectors.

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Why JMC Partners?

At JMC we understand the frustrations of not being rewarded and appreciated for the hard work it takes to be a big biller. We have been there and recognise how restrictive it can be working in a traditional agency environment; with endless meetings, hierarchy, lack of progression, moving goal posts, and endless KPI’s and targets.

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