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5 Straight Forward Questions to Help you Focus on your Recruitment Agency

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5 Straight Forward Questions to Help you Focus on your Recruitment Agency: If you’re starting a new recruitment agency, or returning to the office after time away, it’s tempting to say yes to every opportunity. But it’s worth remembering the need to stay focused on what is worth your time and money. And avoiding wasting energy on tasks that steer you off your path. These tips will help you ask the right questions and make it easy to keep focused on what matters most – a successful recruitment agency.

1.   Do I have the right tools in place?

It’s an obvious question, but it’s easy to overlook. If you or your team can’t do their job properly, they won’t be able to focus. It could be lack of time or resources, or not having permission to act. If someone is juggling too much, or is waiting for something else to happen before they can do their job then there’s a lack of efficiency there you need to address.

2.   What should we stop doing?

As businesses grow, some of those necessities at the beginning become habits you no longer need. Do you need your top recruiter spending an afternoon a week writing the company blog post? Is it a good use of everyone’s time to hold those general catch-up weekly meetings with the whole team?. You could save time and money outsourcing certain tasks and have more efficient meetings with fewer people and a clear agenda. Whatever it is, check that you and your team are putting your energies into the right things.

3.   What are my customers/clients getting from this?

Whatever you are doing in your business, it’s key to think about what value you are adding. So if you’re starting a new recruitment firm or simply starting a new project, ask yourself what the benefit is to your customer or client? When you frame your business around answering this, you’ll focus more on the value you’re bringing.

4.   What can I get out the door now?

The drive to move things forward is good to instil in your recruitment business from the start. Sometimes we can lose sight of the minor achievements we can do now because we’re thinking about the big goals we can’t fully realise yet. So break down those large tasks into manageable chunks and get those done. You’ll then have lots of small wins that you and your team can celebrate rather than trying getting lost in big project problems.

5.   What do our clients, candidates and employees say about us?

So many times recruitment agencies talk about their ideal clients and customers but don’t gather feedback and act on it. To help you stay focused on the value you are bringing, make sure you ask what people are looking for from you and act on the answers you get. Sometimes one simple company-wide change can make a big impact on a person’s experience of your firm -whether that’s the work culture for employees, the candidate journey or the client/recruiter relationship.

By focusing your recruitment business on what matters, you’re creating a smoother roadmap to success.

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