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5 trends for 2021 every start-up recruitment agency should know about

January 19, 2021 4:32 pm Published by

Here are 5 trends for 2021 every start-up recruitment agency should know about; Setting up your own recruitment agency is always going to have its challenges. But even in a year like 2020, there were opportunities and insights if you knew where to look. So what are some of the trends we’re likely to see in 2021 that can help set you apart? Here are 5 we think every start-up recruitment agency.

1.   The flexible working boom

There’s been a surge in temporary contracts and a shortage in highly skilled workers. This isn’t surprising given the pandemic of 2020, but it looks like skilled, flexible working roles are still a growing area for recruitment agencies.

There’s also an increase in job dissatisfaction, as greater pressure is put on the existing workforce. So a recruiter can tap into this and connect with passive, highly skilled candidates and be ahead of the game finding the perfect fit for an employer.

2.   Mobile phone recruiting

If you’re setting up a recruitment firm, you need to know how candidates are searching for jobs. And the key way they’re browsing for opportunities is through their mobiles. So investing in a great website is key. But even more important is knowing that most people will look and use your site from their mobile phone.

Make sure it’s set up to take advantage of that. Also, use text to communicate. Making the recruitment process seamless via mobile means you’re all set to take advantage of a workforce that’s on-the-go and looking to use this device to find work.

3.   Personal branding

Candidates are using video to sell themselves to potential employers. And employers are attracting candidates by telling their unique business story and being more human and accessible.

All of this leads to recruiters being able to delve deeper into the candidates they’re placing and what the culture of a company is really like. So be a recruitment agency that can take advantage of this greater insight when placing candidates.

4.   The next generation is here

Generation Z are entering the workforce and digitally savvy with short attention spans. So attracting these candidates means being visually appealing through video, attention-grabbing job descriptions and reaching them through social media.

Their biggest job demand is professional development – followed by upward mobility. So be ready to show development opportunities and growth within a role will be vital.

5.   Executive talent

This is a well-established niche that’s growing and the trend is towards younger executives. Companies are looking to grow and develop young talent and tap into the younger market for their business. They’re also increasingly looking inwards to find talent they can harness within their own organisation. Recruiters who can delve into big data and analytics can get an edge over competitors in this field.

Many established recruitment agencies are still slow on adapting to these trends. But we think these trends are on the rise. So if you’re thinking of starting your own recruitment agency, tapping into these growing areas of recruitment could give you the edge you need to succeed. Follow us on LinkedIn for more content like this! Or browse the other content we have here.

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