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An introvert’s guide to working remotely

January 19, 2021 4:42 pm Published by

Are you a natural introvert? Richard Ettienne is a branding consultant and self-confessed introvert and these are his tips for thriving when working remotely.

● Listen to your body

Introverts can live in their head and neglect their bodies – so listen to your body’s needs.

  • Practice name-calling

Say the name of the person speaking or thank the last one who spoke instead of saying sorry when you want to speak.

● The home is your oyster

Use the time you would normally be commuting to invest in your wellbeing at home.

● The pen is mightier than your thoughts

Let your words position you as a leader in your industry by publishing ‘think piece’ articles on LinkedIn and Medium to showcase your expertise. Share that with connections and welcome comments.

● Be seen and heard

Prolonged periods in isolation can make any of us introverted, so make a conscious effort to

be visible. This means intentionally making contact with colleagues and the wider work community, promoting your achievements, and sharing what your team is doing.

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