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Bouncing Back After Career Failure

October 16, 2020 2:02 pm Published by

Are you good at bouncing back after a career failure? Whether it’s missing out on a promotion or saying something silly in a meeting – some people are just better at shaking that off and moving on.

Psychologists have identified 4 proven ways you can do this successfully:

  1. Reframe the failure – this is not about putting a positive spin on it, but thinking about why you felt what you did rather than replaying what happened over and over. Try and think about it from an outside perspective.
  2. Look at what you missed – try to figure out where you went wrong. Sometimes we focus so hard on the task we miss obvious cues. But don’t dwell too long on the emotions. Stick to the facts.
  3. Did ‘fear of failure’ guarantee it? Sometimes we take on impossible tasks, hoping sheer grit and perseverance will get us through. It’s better to know when to stop trying and move on.
  4. Find the positive – after a failure it’s good to get into the flow of doing an activity you thrive at and makes you happy. It’s time to find your mojo again!

People who are good at doing these 4 things learn from their mistakes and avoid making as many.

So what activity do you do that makes you happy and helps you find your flow after a setback? Follow us on LinkedIn for more content like this! Or browse the other content we have here.

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