Do you want to know what it takes to reach the top? Listen to this inspiring and thought-provoking podcast from one of the UK’s leading recruiters, Jason Connolly, as he interviews the biggest names in the business world on how they became successful. Gain valuable insights as we dig deep into their business journey and reveal the key lessons they’d pass on.

Find out how to overcome obstacles, define success for you, and the qualities you need to thrive in your chosen industry. So if you want to learn how to be a successful business leader, this is the podcast for you.

The Career Success Podcast w/ Jason Connolly & Christopher Bishop

Jason speaks to New York-based, TEDx Speaker, Christopher Bishop. After having eight different careers, Chris developed a programme, “How to succeed at jobs that don’t exist yet”. In this interesting episode, Chris talks about how to get ahead in your career by learning the skills of the future. Transcription.

The Career Success Podcast w/ Jason Connolly & Sarah Goulbourne

Sarah is an award-winning entrepreneur, Coach & Mentor to professionals and Board Members, Co-Founder & board member of Gunnercooke LLP. Gunnercooke was founded in 2010, it’s an award-winning law firm and is today, one of the UK’s leading law firms nationally. Transcription.

The Career Success Podcast w/ Jason Connolly & Iain Dale

Jason spoke to Iain about his career, the challenges and the falls he has faced; what success means to Iain, LGBTQ and diversity representation in the work place, how being gay has affected his career. We also discussed his political career and standing for candidacy in the general election. Transcription

The Career Success Podcast w/ Jason Connolly & Felix Elliott-Berry

Jason speaks to Felix Elliott-Berry, Co-Founder of Siblings Distillery, how the story of the distillery started and their journey to getting the product to market. The challenges and hurdles he and his siblings have faced over the years. It’s an interesting, insightful, endearing and thought provoking story. Transcription

The Career Success Podcast w/ Jason Connolly & Linda Plant

The Career Success Podcast, hosted by Jason Connolly, CEO of JMC Recruitment. Joined by Linda Plant, CEO, Entrepreneur & and the final five candidate Interviewer on BBC’s “The Apprentice”. Transcription

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