Do you want to know what it takes to reach the top? Listen to this inspiring and thought-provoking podcast from one of the UK’s leading recruiters, Jason Connolly, as he interviews the biggest names in the business world on how they became successful. Gain valuable insights as we dig deep into their business journey and reveal the key lessons they’d pass on.

Find out how to overcome obstacles, define success for you, and the qualities you need to thrive in your chosen industry. So if you want to learn how to be a successful business leader, this is the podcast for you.

The Career Success Podcast w/ Kent Campbell & Jason Connolly

In this episode we speak to online reputation management guru, Kent Campbell from San Francisco, US.

Kent Campbell is the Chief Strategist for Reputation X, an online reputation management firm that helps individuals, celebrities, and companies improve everything about their online profiles. Transcription

The Career Success Podcast w/ Kate Dawson OBE & Jason Connolly

In this episode we speak to Kate Dawson OBE. Kate is the ultimate inventor of the onesie. Her story about her she came to invent something we have all come to know is beautiful. This is a truly inspiring story. Transcription

The Career Success Podcast w/ Joy Kingsley & Jason Connolly

This episode is packed full of advice on; how to secure a training contract, how to build brand you and win clients, how to get to Partnership as quick as possible and how to propel your legal career forwards.

Joy Kingsley is Senior Partner of Top 100 law firm JMW Solicitors. Joy qualified as a Solicitor in 1980, and has worked for two law firms in her career, Pannone and JMW. Transcription

The Career Success Podcast w/ Clint Pulver & Jason Connolly

In this episode we speak to Clint Pulver from Utah, US. It’s an inspiring and inspiring story.

Clint Pulver is a professional keynote speaker, author, musician, pilot, and workforce expert.

Clint is the author of I Love It Here: How Great Leaders Create Organisations Their People Never Want to Leave Paperback. Transcription

The Career Success Podcast w/ Christina Eanes & Jason Connolly

Christina Eanes, from Washington DC is a former FBI violent crime analyst and senior manager, now author, speaker, podcast and YouTube channel host, and self-improvement guru. Christina specialises in super-achieving and is on a mission to help others achieve more in life. Transcription

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