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Common Mistakes of the Recruiter

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Common mistakes of the average recruiter (both internal and external), that we hear about all too often; so here is three common mistakes recruiters make and how you can do better;

Overselling the role

When interviewing an impressive candidate, some employers and recruiters will fall into the trap of overselling the role. This can involve over-exaggeration of the seniority of the role, the duties to be done and even the reporting structure.

Sometimes, employers will even make promises about the long life of the role and try to promise to people who are applying, that the role is a “job for life”. This can also extend to sneaky and false representations about the company itself.

When interviewing a candidate, it is always best to confine comments about the role to what is specifically contained in the position description, (in almost the same way). Interviewers should avoid based on guessing poorly informed comments about the position of the company itself.

Failing to disclose relevant details

Recruiters will sometimes be tempted to avoid telling details that may make the job, or the company, less attractive to the candidate. 

Sometimes, failing to tell people all the details about the likely employment can also expose the employer to potential blame for sneaky and false advertising.

For example, a recruiter might accidentally and carelessly not tell the candidate that the empty position only has money available for a certain period of time, even though the position is (told to the candidate) as permanent.

This can be especially important if the candidate is proposing to leave valuable long-term employment based on what they being are told during the process.

Mismanaging expectations

A common mistake on both the side of the employer and average recruiter. This can happen at any stage of the recruitment process. Normally made by over promising or selling of the role. The #1 rule is to be absolutely honest at all stages of the process.

Sometimes when registering the candidate or the job vacancy at the beginning of the process, this is rushed and it leads to many problems down the line, this can especially be the case when it comes to salary. Follow us on LinkedIn for more content like this! Or browse the other content we have here.

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