Could AI replace a Lawyer?

November 12, 2020 1:30 pm Published by

Could AI replace a junior lawyer? Or a senior one for that matter?

If you’ve mastered the law and all the facts, figures and analytics around it, then yes, artificial intelligence can replace you. But don’t panic. Interpersonal skills are a priority for clients and we still need humans to do that…for now 😉

New uses for AI emerge every day. Here are some areas of law that look promising:

  1. Contract review

Companies like Lawgeek are working on AI systems that can ingest and analyse 1000s of pages and tell you which pages need you attention and which ones are fine. Companies like eBay are already using them.

  1. Litigation prediction

AI teams are building systems that can predict outcomes. As they get more sophisticated, they’ll become invaluable to firms wanting to speed up settlement negotiations or decide which cases to take to court.

  1. Legal Research

The area for growth here is where technology can read natural language. Programmes that can do this successfully are not far away.

If you’re starting a career in law, the more you know about technology and how to harness it, the less likely you are to be a victim of it.

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