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David Attenborough ‘Witness Statement’ – Climate Change

October 16, 2020 2:15 pm Published by

Fact check: David Attenborough says in the show he’s 93, but he turned 94 in May (in case anyone questions that).

David’s Netflix documentary A Life On Our Planet is also his personal ‘witness statement’. At 94, David Attenborough wants us to learn from the devastating destruction he has seen over his lifetime and create a more sustainable future.

“If we take care of nature, nature will take care of us.”

He offered up these proposals:

  • Reduce our population size
  • Eat less meat
  • Move to renewable energy
  • Protect our oceans

These are big tasks. So how can we as individuals, colleagues, employees and companies play our part in creating a sustainable future?

  1. Reduce, reuse, recycle – not just paper, but ink cartridges, office furniture, electronics. Replace disposable items in the shared kitchen with reusable ones. Make it easy to choose the green option.
  2. Go paperless – how much do you really need to print? If you need paper copies use both sides of the paper to reduce paper use by 50%.
  3. Make the supply chain green – go beyond your company to your suppliers and choose companies with sustainable practices and with a good environmental track record.
  4. Be committed – set up a green team, set goals and stick to them.

We are all a part of nature, so restoring biodiversity is something we can all get behind.

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