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Funky Decor – Cool Workplace Office Spaces

October 14, 2020 2:36 pm Published by

Funky Decor – Cool Workplace Office Spaces

Have you seen that video showing how KFC make their gravy? It’s gross, so feel free to avoid. But it reminded me why sometimes it’s best not to look behind the scenes.

Workplaces can be the same. More companies are attracting clients and staff with funky decor and perks like pool tables. Mine for example has a bar! Cool office spaces can make for a more relaxed workplace where people want to spend their time. But some companies hide poor practice behind hipster good looks.

One tech company in Bristol offered glamorous annual team holidays, had a ping-pong table and was often featured in magazines as a cool place to work. But complaints on Glassdoor revealed another side.

Staff complained of working to exhaustion to meet impossible deadlines and poor treatment by management. No-one had time for ping-pong. And the holiday was instead of a bonus – so you spent a week in a romantic city like Rome with 40 work colleagues and your boss. Many would rather have had the bonus and booked their own trip to Italy.

So as much as I love a cool and relaxed office space, sometimes it stops and starts with the decor.

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