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Hate Working in Recruitment? How to Fall in Love (again)

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Hate Working in Recruitment? How to Fall in Love (again). Let’s be honest, you probably didn’t dream of becoming a recruiter when you were a kid. For most of us, this is a career we found when we were busy looking elsewhere. But it’s an industry that deserves some love. So let’s get excited again about our career choice! And check for signs you’re still in a healthy long-term relationship. This is for all you wannabe recruitment lovers out there.

Go on, spoil yourself

Recruitment is one of those rare industries with an unlimited potential salary. If you want to bill £200k+ a year, then you can. A million a year? Yes, and people do. If you want to focus your time and attention on where you believe the money is, then you have that flexibility.

Recruitment is a robust industry and you can make a lot of money. And although cash alone won’t make you happy – it helps.

Things can escalate quickly

No-one wants to hold you back from making money in recruitment. And you don’t need decades of experience to reach the top.

It’s all about knowing how to spot opportunities and make the most of them. So it’s perfectly possible and common to earn big money in a relatively short time. We’re talking months, not years. What’s not to love about that?

You deserve a healthy relationship with work

You spend a lot of time at work and with your colleagues, so it matters that you enjoy spending time there. Make sure you ask yourself these questions to check that you and your firm have enough in common.

  • Do you believe in the business you’re working for?
  • Are they getting the best version of you?
  • Do you share goals?
  • Do you feel you belong there?

If the answer is ‘yes’ then you’re onto a winner. It’s great when you find somewhere that cares about you. This industry is a lot more fun when you and your company can thrive off each other’s energy.

If you said ‘no’ to those questions, read on.

Know when to fold ‘em

Kenny Loggins was onto something when he sang that. Unfortunately, there are some awful recruitment agencies out there who give this industry a bad name. And there are those who are fine, but you know aren’t right for you.

Maybe it’s because they want you in a suit or heels (or both) every day. Maybe they prioritise KPI’s over everything else. Or maybe you’ve sat through one too many long-winded meetings about how no-one is cleaning out the communal fridge properly.

If so, it may not be the recruitment industry you hate, just the company you work for.

So look for agencies who share your values. They do exist. If you’re not sure where to start, Glassdoor is worth checking out. They let employees post anonymous reviews about the work culture, pay, and how they feel about the company.

It’s a great way to see past the fancy website and plush office to what working there would really be like. You can even check out our reviews in case you’re interested in us, or just a bit nosy.

Choose brains over appearance

Don’t let a fancy coffee machine distract you. If they insist on 80-hour weeks in a small cubicle, then get grumpy if you don’t join their yoga class on Sunday – hot drinks won’t cut it.

It’s about finding a company that invests in you. And if they happen to be in a cool part of a city, offer great social events and do nice coffee too, then that’s a bonus.

Plenty of firms are cottoning on to the fact that money alone may not make you want to stay with them and they’re making changes to improve their work culture for the better.

Be single with benefits

If you’re a bored recruitment employee then maybe look at the ‘employee’ bit and see if that’s what needs to change. True happiness for you may lie in starting your own recruitment agency.

You’ll be starting on an adventure with even bigger rewards waiting for you. Scary? Yes. Boring? Never! It’s a chance to take full control over your future and live by your own rules.

Find the right partner

If starting a recruitment agency sounds lonely, you can look at partnerships. JMC Partners keen to meet with recruiters who are interested in starting up their first recruitment business.

We’re offering a unique package to potential recruitment entrepreneurs. From choosing your own name and logo to building your own team.

And it comes with the opportunity to get proper mentorship, training and coaching from the best in the business. If this sounds like it might be the way for you to fall back in love with recruitment then let’s connect.

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