Is your Boss a Lion or a Pussycat?

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Is your boss a lion or a pussycat?

Whichever it is, it’s useful to know how to manage upwards. Let’s start with…

The Difficult Boss.

They might be difficult because of stress and overwork. If so, the chances are they’re reasonable and their behaviour can change. The ones hostile at all times are likely to be hard to change. You must manage your reactions and emotions instead.  

Your Response to Criticism

There’s a difference between confronting your boss and sharing concerns. The latter enables you to frame the conversation around facts, not emotions. Try to see criticism as valuable information, not a personal attack. You should see yourself as a partner with your boss, not their victim in a personal struggle.

Understand Their Goals

Look at what the strategic business objectives are and work out how you and your team can help achieve them. Then frame any problems you present to your boss with an understanding of those challenges. Make your business case, don’t just ask for what you want.

Think of your boss as a tricky client you have to learn to work with. But don’t put up with bullying. And if you’re thinking of jumping ship, do your research first to make sure the next company isn’t the same.

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