It's A Sin

It’s A Sin

January 20, 2021 5:26 pm Published by

It’s A Sin – “Life doesn’t stop when terrible things happen”. Sounds apt for the times we’re currently living in. But it’s actually a quote from Russell T Davies about his new drama ‘It’s A Sin’, exploring the lives of young gay men living through the early years of the Aids epidemic, and the misinformation, shame and hiding that went with it.

As an openly gay man running a business, I know how important it is to acknowledge the freedoms and rights I enjoy today were hard fought for, and so damaged in the 80s by a pernicious, deadly disease that many families pretended was cancer.

It feels important to watch, not just because it commemorates an older generation who lost so much, but because being young should be fun and exciting and the programme celebrates that.

When I see today’s teenagers and young adults being forced inside, contact banned, packed isolation wards on tv, and conspiracy theories spreading misinformation – it’s hard not to see similarities. But what is good to know, is that a lot of the research work that went into HIV/AIDS has helped us get a COVID vaccine. So, we can all look forward to enjoying life, work and play all together again.

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