Job Hopping

Job Hopping

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Job Hopping – Is there such a thing as a job for life now? 🤔 Apparently Millennials are all a bunch of job hoppers. 🐇  But is that a bad thing? And is it only for the younger generation?👶

The truth is, there are plenty of times switching careers, companies and jobs is good for you, whatever age you are.

Millennials may well need to move a few times to find that right level of job satisfaction they’re looking for as they start their careers. It’s up to employers to make sure they don’t just offer attractive roles but deliver on the promise 🌟.

As a former Police Officer 👮, Virgin Atlantic steward ✈️, Las Vegas magician 🎩 and now legal recruitment entrepreneur ⚖️ it’s fair to say I’m well qualified for the role of Job Hopper! But finding my passion and successful career choice took a few goes. And it’s often a lot better for your career to plan moves ahead than stay put and wait for someone else to do it for you.

3 quick tips on switching careers:

  1. Try writing a CV for your new dream job. ✍️
  2. Objectively evaluate your skills and value for the job you’re in and the one you want.🔍
  3. Upgrade your skills before you transition.✨

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