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Ever heard of a nano pharmacist? What about a robotic ethics consultant? Or how about an augmented reality medical content designer?

If you haven’t heard of those jobs before, you probably will soon. These are all potential jobs for the next generation currently in school according to technology futurist Christopher Bishop.

Chris wants to educate school teachers, university lecturers, employers and children about what workplaces in the future might look like. Rather than staring into a magic ball, he studies technology growth to try to predict the career opportunities currently today’s children should be prepared for.

From implants that can potentially heal wounds and transmit data to quantum computers – these are technologies that are developing already – so it’s not too much of a leap to contemplate careers in these fields.

So if you don’t want to end up highly skilled to do a job that no longer exists by 2030 – it’s a good idea to look to technology to see how you can stay ahead.

To find out more about Christopher Bishop and what the future might look like according to him, check out my podcast here.

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