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Lucky Charms (Job Interviews)

October 29, 2020 2:11 pm Published by

Do you have a good luck charm you wear to job interviews?  

Apparently we’re a superstitious bunch and 24% of Brits admit to owning a lucky pair of underpants. With 34% admitting to wearing them to job interviews.

But it’s not just our pants we think are lucky. We choose lucky jewellery, socks, shirts and shoes too.

I’ve definitely played a favourite piece of music before an interview to get me in the mood. Not sure that counts as a superstition though – more of a mood lifter. But I think even unconsciously I try to select clothes I think will bring me luck even if I can’t pinpoint why I’m doing it.

I guess we’re all trying to find a way to feel more confident when going into a nerve-wracking interview situation.

Where I think superstition goes too far is when when people admit to not washing their lucky item – especially if it’s underpants! Eventually the smell will impact whether you get the job or not. 

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