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Meeting Madness

September 25, 2020 12:31 pm Published by

As we start to head back to the office we’re going to see the return of the ‘meeting’. At their best it’s a chance to share knowledge and ideas and move big ideas forward. At their worst they kill productivity and leave you wanting to leap out of the nearest window in a bid for freedom.

If you hate meetings, you’re not alone:

90% of people admit to daydreaming in meetings

60% take notes to appear that they’re listening

73% admit to doing other work during meetings

25% of meetings are spent discussing irrelevant issues

But leaders love a meeting with 79% saying theirs are productive. But are they really? Given time is money and meetings take up a lot of time, (An average one is between 31-60 minutes) it’s worth making sure that time is money well spent. So here are some tips for making your meetings productive:

  1. Set clear objectives
  2. Have an agenda
  3. Don’t invite too many people
  4. Use videos and presentations to make it visually interesting.
  5. Follow up afterwards

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