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Miscommunication in the remote workplace

February 19, 2021 2:58 pm Published by

Miscommunication in the remote workplace – In lockdown more of us are communicating with colleagues in writing ✍️

Unsurprisingly, the opportunity for misinterpreting those words has gone up too 🤭

Effective communication during a pandemic isn’t just good for business, it can be vital 💪

So what mistakes are we making and how do we avoid them?

❌ The problem: Poor choice of words or instructions.

💡The solution: Clear, simple language that’s not open to misinterpretation.

When you muddy the waters, productivity goes down and staff feel demoralised.

❌ The problem: Not saying anything and presuming instead.

💡 The solution: Speak up for clarity, ☝️ you probably won’t be the only one who needs it.

So many of us make assumptions when we get poor information or none at all. Don’t let a vacuum of silence slow you down.

❌ The problem: Interpreting the wrong thing.

💡The solution: Don’t just rely on email 📧 or texts 📱to convey your message.

When you send written instructions, or information you may expect it to be read and interpreted in one way, but in reality, people process information differently. Some will skim read, some will act on one part and miss another, and some will not understand it. Get on zoom or pick up the phone and talk it through. 💬

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