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Want to be a great leader in 2021? ⭐

Don’t be too blunt with your employees right now. Show a little kindness instead. 😇

With a pandemic still raging, kids at home, a feeling of being stuck…it’s not surprising people are anxious and stressed 🥺. Telling someone they need to up their game may not improve productivity or help your team gel.

Here’s how to put the kindness into your leadership style:

  • Be kind regardless of what you get back. 🙏

In work we can sometimes choose to be kind because we expect something in return. As a leader, focus solely on being kind for the sake of it.

  • Put yourself in their shoes. 👞

Take the time to really listen and understand your staff’s fears, dreams and worries.

  • Plan how you’ll deliver difficult news with kindness 💔

Sometimes people need to hear something they won’t like. Find the right way to show kindness when doing this. Ask yourself what support you can give.

  • Be deliberate, not random 🎁

Random acts of kindness are great on the internet. In the workplace, consistency counts – so make it a business ethos.

Feeling not just included but valued at work can make a huge difference to someone’s wellbeing right now. 💖

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