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Need Better Leadership? Training vs Mentoring in the Recruitment Industry.

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Need Better Leadership? Training vs Mentoring in the Recruitment Industry.

The recruitment industry has a poor reputation for investing in mentoring and training schemes. Often those promoted to management positions get there because they’re top billers, not because they can lead staff effectively. So it’s not surprising many former recruiters state poor management as the reason they left. Management skills can be taught, so let’s compare leadership training and mentoring for the recruitment industry.

Aren’t training and mentoring the same thing?

No. Training and mentoring are terms often used interchangeably, but in reality, they do two different things.

Training involves a fixed teaching programme focussed on short-term learning of predetermined skills. Often a group of people learn together and gain or upgrade knowledge and skills related to their profession.

Mentoring is a longer-term process involving a single mentor and mentee. It’s much more of a personal development method for achieving career goals. The more knowledgeable mentor guides and supports the mentee by sharing their particular expertise.

Training pros and cons

Training a recruiter to have the skills to do their job better will bring in more income to the firm and improve job satisfaction and general wellbeing. The ability to train multiple people at once means this is a way to upskill your team with a short-term financial investment reaping long-term rewards.

The disadvantage is it won’t work unless your team is on side and sees the value it will bring. Often recruitment training is ad hoc and repetitive. With all staff grouped together to learn the same material despite being at different stages in their knowledge. This doesn’t create a group of leaders ready to pass on their knowledge to less experienced staff. It creates boredom and resentment.

Mentoring pros and cons

The personal relationship between the mentor and the mentee isn’t about telling someone what to do, it’s about giving them the skills and guiding them along. This often creates a work culture where staff can collaborate, communicate and share knowledge. Unsurprisingly, firms with effective mentoring schemes often achieve higher staff retention and produce effective leaders.

But mentoring doesn’t work if the mentor lacks the level of expertise needed for the role. And mentoring is a long-term investment in problem-solving methods and identifying hidden barriers to success. For it to be effective, the company needs to understand the value of soft skills for effective leadership.

So which is better?

Training and mentoring are only as effective as the company investing in them. If a firm chooses to carefully curate and design a training programme for their staff, that will be more effective than simply calling a manager a mentor, assigning them a staff member and walking away hoping something magical happens.

But the right mentor programme beats recruitment training for long-term success. You’re investing in the future of your employees who themselves can become mentors and pass on those skills and knowledge. This is proven to be an effective strategy for developing a talent pool within your company.

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