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As recruiters, we’ve read our fair share of CVs over the years. And it’s easy to spot familiar patterns, buzzwords and phrases that people have a habit of including.

Phrases like “I am a reliable/hard-working/passionate/honest individual…” It’s not necessarily bad, but it’s also not very original. So stand out in this competitive market, it’s good to look at your CV with fresh eyes and get rid of any overused words and phrases such as;

  • Motivated
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solver
  • Think outside the box.

These attributes have become so common on a CV they’ve lost all meaning. A better idea is to put down attributes that you can back up with specific examples. So, rather than describing yourself with an adjective, write about previous responsibilities, skills and accomplishments (for example, any targets you’ve hit).

Words that do this well include:

  • Achieved
  • Improved
  • Trained
  • Increased/decreased

And numbers are great to include. So it works well writing “I managed a budget of £100,000 and saved the company 10% through efficient advertising strategies”.

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