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What Place does Virtual Reality have in the World of Recruitment?

September 10, 2020 12:17 pm Published by

What place does virtual reality have in the world of recruitment?

I’ve heard VR being described as a ‘recruitment trend’ many times. But is it? I’m not convinced.

I know it can create an interview room and you can use Virtual Reality to interview candidates. And VR can help show people around a potential office and workspace. Well, if it was going to take off in any year – 2020 is it.

But unless I’m missing something, I’m not aware of VR making a small dent, let alone a real impact in the recruitment industry. Maybe I’m not being ‘forward thinking’ enough and seeing its potential. But we’ve been here before. Trends don’t always stick.

Video conferencing though has come into its own for obvious reasons. And that wasn’t on a lot of those trend lists back in January.

Where VR works is as a candidate skill, where being across the latest technology is essential – like the gaming industry. But really, I think there’s a possibility VR will go the same way as 3D TVs. So I won’t be backing this ‘recruitment trend’ just yet.

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