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Soft Skills

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Ever heard people talking about ‘soft skills’ and wondered what they mean? Here are the key questions to get you familiar with the basics.

  • What are soft skills?

These are your habits and behaviours at work. Leadership skills, communication, problem-solving abilities, team working – these are all examples.

  • Why do they matter?

Think about the people you like working with. It’s probably because you enjoy interacting with them and appreciate how they do their job. How you behave with others and perform your job directly impacts your success at work.

  • Are soft skills more important than hard skills?

They’re more timeless and transferable. Technology may make some hard skills redundant in a few years, but your ability to adapt, be dependable and hard-working will still be needed.

  • Can you learn soft skills?

Yes. We sometimes presume people come with innate talents we can’t possibly achieve ourselves. But that’s just a way to avoid looking at areas we can improve. Be realistic about where your skills are now and areas you need to focus on. Then practice!

Hard skills are in your CV. Soft skills can be in your cover letter and talked about in the interview too.

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