Sorry seems to be the Hardest Word

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Sorry seems to be the Hardest Word – Ever had to apologise for a mistake at work?

We all make mistakes in our jobs from time to time. So, what’s the right way to say sorry when you’ve messed up?

  • Actually say sorry.

Put those 5 letters in there. It’s not a weakness to own up to a mistake. You’re taking control and trying to remedy it.

  • Be sincere and get the balance right.

People appreciate a genuine apology. But don’t go OTT if a small apology is all that’s needed. And don’t underplay the mistake when more is expected.

  • Be quick.

Don’t let your silence add to the mistake. Although sometimes, a few hours need to pass before people are ready to accept the apology.

  • Don’t give reasons.

People will think you’re excusing yourself and not taking responsibility.

  • Explain how you’ll fix it.

This shows you’re taking steps to fix the problem you caused.

  • Keep to your word.

Follow through to show you’re genuinely sorry.

  • Think about the method of your apology.

Send an email? Say it in person? Work out how you’re going to apologise. Sometimes an email with an offer to discuss in person is a good method to choose.

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