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Sound & Sleep for the Brain

October 16, 2020 2:07 pm Published by

Sound & Sleep for the Brain  – Stuck on a problem? You need to sleep on it – with headphones in.

It’s common knowledge that we recharge our human batteries with a good night’s sleep. And often sleeping on a problem can help us come up with a solution we can’t get to the night before. But sleep researchers have found that sound can help give the brain an extra boost. A study by Northwestern University found that sound cues during sleep made volunteers better at problem-solving.

Volunteers attempted several puzzles in the evening while listening to sound cues. Then during sleep, sounds associated with half the puzzles they’d failed in the evening were played to them whilst they slept. The following morning they could solve the puzzles linked to the sound better than the ones without.

Mark Beeman, professor of psychology and a senior author of the study said, “If you want to solve problems or make the best decisions, better to sleep on it than to be on Twitter at 3am”

Someone should tell Donald Trump that.

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