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Start Your Own Recruitment Business – What is JMC Partners?

October 9, 2020 1:06 pm Published by

What is JMC Partners? JMC is one of the UK’s leading premium recruitment brands. JMC Partners is a global network of elite recruiters working alongside the JMC brand. We are freeing talented recruiters to take control of their careers, earnings and destiny; allowing them to thrive. Recruiters run their own businesses, their way. Start your Own Recruitment business, today.

JMC Partners – Start your Own Recruitment Business. We are driving and leading the way to rewrite how recruitment should be done.

We are an organisation that is powered by positivity and have a culture that is truly liberating and inspiring. Partners / Recruiters step into a world of like minded individuals. You will find a real community spirit and a family feel throughout the network because people take care and help one another.

  • You will receive up to 80% of all your billings
  • Choose your working hours and where you work
  • Set your own targets
  • Working as part of a top brand, but running your own business
  • You will have access to our first class network of likeminded entrepreneurs

So how does the process work?

First of all we will get to know you on a personal level, as after all business is personal. Understanding your career aspirations and where you want to be. We will tell you all about the JMC brand, our culture, ethics and values.

We will also discuss with you, what you want to be earning and how JMC can assist you in reaching your financial goals.

You will have the opportunity to meet already established partners to understand their experiences

The next phase is our Business planning process – Now this is where the fun starts.

When planning the business we will collaborate with you, on offer will be a world of expertise, perspectives and potential new business.

Recruitment done your way, realise the potential you have at JMC Partners.

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