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More than 1 Route to Success in Business

September 10, 2020 1:02 pm Published by
Written By Jason Connolly, CEO & Founder of JMC Partners.

Many people still believe an elite, expensive education is the only route to success in business. I’m not one of them.

I’m living proof that there isn’t one path. I went to a rough comprehensive and scraped through with only a few GCSEs. Success felt like a long way off on results day.

My career wasn’t a straight line into recruitment either. I worked at the police force, and before that I was a successful magician travelling the world. But in those jobs, I picked up skills that transfer naturally into recruitment.

Traditional industries such as law have a reputation for recruiting only or predominantly from elite universities. But there’s a value in diversifying your talent pool, and modern law firms are waking up to this. It’s about time.

My experience has taught me there’s value in people who failed before they succeeded and made the most of fewer opportunities. Those people often have a business instinct you can’t teach. An empathy that makes them strong leaders. And a flexible approach to problem solving. The best lawyers don’t have to come from elite schools.

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