The Art of Job Crafting

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How would you describe your job?

If your answer is “thank god it’s Friday” or “i get paid and that’s enough” then you’re not alone. Living for work isn’t healthy. But working just to live isn’t much fun either. Quitting in the current market might not be an option. So, if you’re feeling stuck and unmotivated – what’s the alternative?

Job crafting – which means, “Actions that employees take to shape, mould and redefine their jobs” (Wrzesniewski & Dutton, 2001).

There are three types of job crafting techniques: task, relational, and cognitive.

Task crafting: When you change your formal job responsibilities by either adding or dropping tasks.

Relational crafting: altering how, when, or with who you interact while performing your job duties.

Cognitive crafting: changing the way you perceive the tasks and relationships that make up your job.

Find out more about job crafting here.

If you can feel in control of your success, see you’re learning new skills, and feel motivated by the end goal – then you’ll be happier at work. So, try and work out how you can adapt your current role to get this.

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