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The Elevator Pitch

September 25, 2020 12:40 pm Published by

The Elevator Pitch, every second counts when it comes to making a good first impression. With CVs, you only have 6 seconds to impress a recruiter before they’ve made a judgment about you.

Yep, as human beings we have lousy attention spans. So how do you make a great first impression? One answer is to perfect your elevator pitch – both in writing and in person.

It’s what you write if you’re emailing a hiring manager for the first time or meeting someone in person and they ask, “what do you do”?

Your response should be compelling and concise. So have a go at writing your pitch and remember to keep it tight, short and simple. Here’s a quick guide for what to include:

  1. Spark interest and be persuasive
  2. Know their pain points and how you can be the solution
  3. Tell them what you bring to the table (without being too boastful)
  4. Be open and flexible (don’t start saying what you won’t do)
  5. End with your mission statement (a quick one line to sum up)
  6. Practice saying it aloud even if it’s an email, so you know it flows
  7. Keep it to 60-90 seconds (or 2 short paragraphs)

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