Things bosses shouldn’t say

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Things bosses shouldn’t say – Modern leadership is about asking questions rather than giving orders. Get it right, and productivity and engagement go up.

So, what shouldn’t you say to your team?

  • “Why didn’t you do this?”

The problem: It’s accusatory, demotivating, and puts the person on the defensive.

An alternative: “How could we do this differently next time?”

  • “Failure is not an option”

The problem: This cliched statement sounds like you’re setting a high bar. But in reality, people will play it safe to avoid making a mistake.

An alternative: “What is our backup plan if this fails?”

  • “We’ve tried that before and it’s a waste of time”

The problem: You’ve shut someone down who was trying to be creative and offer a new idea. They won’t bother next time.

An alternative: “What other options do you see?”

  • “Bring me solutions, not problems”

The problem: Your team won’t come to you with any problems at all, so you won’t know what’s happening.

An alternative: “Bring me your problems. I’m open to your suggested solutions too. Let’s work together to make things better.”

To be a great leader you have to communicate effectively. So think about the impact your words have and avoid generic empty phrases.

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