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Want to succeed at work? Think like a toddler

November 25, 2020 11:51 am Published by

Want to succeed at work? Think like a toddler.

No, I don’t mean having a meltdown in a supermarket. Young children have yet to put in place the rules and conventions we place on ourselves as adults. A bit like Tom Hanks in Big, putting yourself into the mind of a child can bring benefits – and not just for a toy company.

Toddlers are confident, creative, ambitious and determined. And their ability to get attention is impressive! All skills we can draw on to make us better workers.

Entrepreneur Paul Lindley chose the brand colours for his organic food company Ella’s Kitchen after asking a group of pre-school kids which ones they liked best. Their love of bright colours went against the adult thinking of pastels, but he stuck to their choice and it worked.

Richard Branson is also a fan of toddler thinking. He argues that “toddlers see opportunities where adults see obstacles”. And described in a blog post how he started his business by avoiding those adult feelings of embarrassment and fear and instead just learnt by doing.

So maybe the way to make that next step forward in your career is to rediscover your inner child and don’t let adult thinking hold you back.

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