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Want your Recruitment Business to Thrive? You Can’t Afford to Ignore This.

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Want your recruitment business to thrive? You can’t afford to ignore this.

Recruitment struggles with a high turnover of staff attracted to the perks but struggling to learn the skills needed to reach the top. Navigating a successful career can be a lot smoother if there’s a solid training system in place. So if you’re a recruiter looking for ways to get support, or you’re thinking of starting your own recruitment business – this is for you.

Why it matters

Training and coaching aren’t as common in recruitment as they should be. And it’s one reason the recruitment industry gets a bad name. If you make your business all about KPIs, then you’re neglecting the people behind those targets. And as we recruiters know – this business is all about human connection.

It’s easy to assume training is only relevant to employees, but this is just as important to know if you’re starting your own recruitment business too. Why? Well, it’s hard to persuade top talent from big corporations to give up that security and work for a new agency. So you need to think about the work culture you want to create and how you’ll find talent that you may need to train and mentor to get them to the level you want them to be working at.

I know we have targets we need to hit. But if I have workers who could be more productive, challenged to perform better and are getting supported, mentored and feel empowered – then it’s an investment that’s worth putting time into. Even if it means stepping away from those targets to get it right.

Who gains?

The benefits for me are clear. When I invest in my team they attract and bring in more customers. I also keep staff at a higher rate than most – because they like working somewhere they are challenged and they can see how to progress.

That’s great for me, but it’s about more than that. If I want my recruiters to be good at what they do, then they can probably use their innate talents to get there. But if I want them to excel and reach the levels of elites bringing in £1million+ a year, then I need to show them how it’s done. So invest in helping them develop those natural talents and create the right environment and conditions for that to happen.

Who can do this?

There are lots of recruitment trainers and coaches out there. Avoid the ones promising a magic solution to everything. You want to find talent who can hold up a mirror and show you from an outsider’s perspective where you can make changes. They also need to have the personality and industry experience to inspire and educate.

Even if you’re an established recruiter there’s bound to be more you can learn. Sometimes we forget, and sometimes we fall back on habits we’d be better off breaking.

Training vs coaching

The difference between the two is that training takes a finite amount of time. And tells recruiters what they need to do, then helps them practice and apply those skills.

Coaching is about using people’s natural abilities to find out the answers for themselves. A coach’s aim is to make themselves ultimately redundant by showing recruiters how to find the skills within themselves. They’ll guide, steer, and offer potential outcomes to help recruiters overcome obstacles and make it to the top of the industry.

So if you’re working for a recruitment agency at a high level, but you know there’s no more room to grow, then look for agencies that put this as a priority.

The partnership option

There is also another alternative. You could look to set up your own recruitment agency in partnership with an established firm with a good track record in training. So you get to be your own boss running a business, but with the advantages of the training, mentoring and practical back-end support that can be tough for new businesses to invest in.

That’s what we offer at JMC Partners. You’d no longer work for someone else. You set your own goals, recruit your own team, set your hours and create a working environment you know you can thrive in. Plus you’d get exclusive access to the self-made millionaire entrepreneurs and elite recruiters to mentor you through the journey.

If that sounds tempting then check out the details here or get in touch.


Jason Connolly set up JMC Legal Recruitment in 2016 when he was still in his 20s. JMC Legal quickly established itself as one of the big players in the industry, and Jason has also become a well-known fixture in the press, offering advice and support.

JMC Partners is looking for recruiters interested in starting a business partnership under the JMC brand. Find out more here or contact our office for more information.

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